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Interim Services

Part-time and Interim Services in Medical Affairs: Medical Director / Chief Medical Officer

Both clinical development and the medical support of marketed products represent established functions within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, and are now gaining increasing importance also in the medical device industry.

Clinical research does not cease once a product has been placed on the market; the analysis of post-marketing data and experience can provide valuable information on the therapeutic profile and on possible new indications.

Adverse reactions must be handled in compliance with legal requirements and the information acquired must be shared within the medical community.

Medical education of the sales force and of the medical end user is essential for the best use of all products.

Some companies, especially in the medical device industry, do not have a medical director or a medical department, or have a structure that requires the outsourcing of some functions. The same is often true for start-ups and venture capital firms. We can cover interim or part-time assignments as medical director, chief medical officer, or medical advisor / consultant.

Recent interim assignments are listed below:

Director of Medical Affairs, Piramal Critical Care, US, UK, India (2019)
Global Director of Medical Affairs for the full portfolio of the company, including anaesthetics, opioids and pain management products, plasma expanders and other critical care intravenous or intrathecal products.
Chief Medical Officer, Clasado Biosciences, Jersey (2016)
Upgrade to drug status of second generation GOS probiotics with the FDA; Investigational New Drug Application for the indication of Travellers’ Diarrhoea and set up of pivotal clinical trial.
Director, Liver Cancer, International Oncology, BTG, UK (2013-15)
Medical Marketing, Market Access and KOL management; advisory role to General Management for the Interventional Oncology Division / loco-regional treatment of cancer (chemo-embolisation, radio-embolisation).
International Medical Director, Interventional Oncology, Biocompatibles, UK (2012-13)
International Medical Director (ex-US) for chemo-embolisation products, and integration of the radio-embolisation business (TheraSphere) acquired from Nordion. Biocompatibles later became part of BTG.
Chief Medical Officer, Clasado Biosciences, Malta and Jersey (2011-13)
Medical affairs and medical marketing activity for the development of second generation GOS probiotics, specifically aimed at Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Travellers’ Diarrhoea, prevention of Clostridium Difficile infection in hospital and the community.
Medical Director, Astellas Pharma, South East Europe (2011)
Set up of the Medical and Regulatory Affairs department in the new affiliate, including Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Serbia, in all the company therapeutic areas.
Chief Medical Officer, Biopheresis, Germany (2008-11)
Set up and leadership of a programme of clinical development of Oncosorb, an Advanced Therapies (biotechnology) product for the treatment extracorporeal circulation of advanced forms of cancer, through immuno-adsorption of specific soluble cytokines receptors.
Chief Medical Officer, Rand Biotech, Italy (2009-10)
Medical marketing activity for the development of innovative advanced procedures for the treatment of peritoneal carcinomatosis (Hyperthermic Intra Peritoneal Chemotherapy - HIPEC) and peripheral sarcomas and melanomas (Isolated Limb Perfusion - IPP).