Wyfold Medical


Acrobot, UK (clinical study design and management for innovative orthopaedic surgery robotic devices, 2002-04)

Amgen Europe, Switzerland (innovation workshops on novel biotechnology treatments for osteoporosis, 2006)

Astellas Pharma, South East Europe
(Interim Medical Director of the new affiliate, including Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Romania and Bulgaria: set up of the Medical and Regulatory Affairs department for all the company therapeutic areas in 2011)

Baxter, Medication Delivery Division
(medical affairs, clinical studies, medical expert reporting, market research on European and Global projects in the areas of enteral and parenteral nutrition, medication delivery, thalassaemia, oncology, infection control 2001-05)

Biocompatibles, UK
(Interim International Medical Director [ex-US] for the Company’s Interventional Oncology business in 2012-13. This included mainly chemo-embolisation, and the preparation for the merger with BTG and the acquisition of TheraSpheres – radio-embolisation - from Nordion)

(Interim Director, Liver Cancer, in 2013-15: Medical Marketing, Market Access and KOL management; advisory role to General Management for Interventional Oncology – radio- and chemo-embolisation)

Biopheresis, Germany
(Interim Chief Medical Officer in 2008-11: set up and leadership of a programme of clinical development of Oncosorb, an Advanced Therapies-biotech product for the treatment in extracorporeal circulation of advanced forms of cancer, through immuno-adsorption of specific soluble cytokines receptors)

Bio-surgical, UK
(clinical and marketing research programmes in Europe for colorectal surgery devices for the pre-operatory preparation of the large intestine, 1999-2001)

Brovedani Group, Italy
(pilot clinical trials of novel needle-free devices for the intradermal delivery of insulin in patients with Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus 2011-14)

Clasado Biosciences, Jersey
(Interim Chief Medical Officer in 2011-13 and again in 2016: Medical affairs activity for the development of second generation GOS prebiotics, specifically aimed at Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Travellers’ Diarrhoea, and prevention of Clostridium Difficile infection in hospital and the community. Later involved in the IND at the FDA for the indication of Travellers’ Diarrhoea, and the set up of clinical trials)

Cooke Consultants, US
(market research and reimbursement strategy in Europe for innovative hearing aids and stoma therapy products 2002-04)

Dieta Doc, Italy
(set up of a pilot clinical trial of a novel slimming diet for overweight individuals 2010-12)

Dideco, Italy
(set up of multicentre clinical trial and orphan drug registration programme for a novel drug-device combination for the treatment of Cystic Fibrosis 2003-04)

Fresenius, UK
(medical education programme for the Home Care division – iron chelation therapy 2002-03)

Gyrus Medical, UK
(clinical research programmes for innovative urology devices for the treatment of Benign Prostate Hyperplasia 1998-2000)

International Biomedical Systems, Italy
(clinical trials, regulatory and marketing support of novel design and material coronary stents 2001-04)

Lamellar Therapeutics, UK
(clinical research and regulatory affairs for innovative biotechnology products in cancer immunology and fibrin pathophysiology 2001-02)

Nestlé Clinical Nutrition, UK
(reimbursement clinical studies for enteral nutrition products in paediatric populations 1999-2002)

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, UK
(clinical trials strategy, literature review and expert reports for novel ophthalmic medical devices 2004-05)

Piramal Critical Care, US / India / UK (Global Director of Medical Affairs for the full portfolio of the company, including anaesthetics, opioids and pain management products, plasma expanders and other critical care intravenous or intrathecal products, 2019-present).

Plan-1-Health, Italy
(clinical research programmes and pilot studies of innovative colorectal surgery devices 1998-2004)

RanD Biotech, Italy
(Interim Chief Medical Officer 2009-10: medical affairs activity for the development of advanced procedures for the treatment of peritoneal carcinomatosis [HIPEC] and peripheral sarcomas and melanomas [ILP]; in 2000-02 involved in the development of extracorporeal circulation equipment for the treatment of acute hepatic failure and acute renal failure)

Reed Smith, US
(European registration of Human-derived Therapeutic Products for the treatment of ophthalmic disease 2004-05)

Second Sight Medical products, US
(European reimbursement strategy for Active Implantable Medical Devices for the treatment of blindness in Retinitis Pigmentosa 2010-11)

Sirtex, Australia
(European reimbursement strategy for Active Implantable Medical Devices for the treatment of liver metastases 2002-03)

Stanmore Implants Worldwide, UK
(clinical research programme for innovative orthopaedic surgery devices 2003-06)

Tensive, Italy (Clinical Development of a novel biocompatible material for the intra-operatory filling of surgical vacuum created lumpectomy or quadrantectomy in breast surgery, 2018-present).

Ventracor, Australia
(European reimbursement strategy for Active Implantable Medical Devices [LVAD] for the treatment of cardiac failure 2004-06)

Wound Market Consulting, UK (European clinical trials of innovative wound care devices, including devices with oxygen delivery systems and medications 2009-13)